Foto Nakal Artis Sheila Marcia 'Sexy Pose at Night Club'

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Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia Admits Inappropriate photo

Sheila Marcia not want to bother with exciting photo spread on the internet. In addition to the photo long enough, Sheila Marcia also confirmed the image is only a fad. Even so, Sheila Marcia admitted the photo was inappropriate.

"It's a joke. But still not right," said Sheila Marcia, who in his Kiki yes, lover Sheila Marcia when found in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Thursday.

Name Sheila Marcia was never free from controversy. After the drug case and was jailed twice, Sheila Marcia also had the chance to make a scene because pregnant without anyone knowing who the father of the baby. And most recently, Sheila Marcia reportedly married to Kiki Mirano, but allegedly seized from his wife Kiki, Siska Salman.

Kiki is rumored to be married on April 29, at Cathedral Church of Denpasar, Bali. However, before her marriage, even the photographs appear exciting to a man.

"Over time I have been normal. I learned from the people and wanted to be Sheila Marcia better. Now I've played soap operas, has been engaged in normal life and was not adventurous. But it still made ​​like that. Sheila Marcia was not like first, Sheila Marcia has changed, "he said.

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