Foto Artis Tiga Setia Gara " Sexy Angel from the Street "

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"Tiga Setia Gara"
Sexy Angel from the Street

Tattoos are synonymous with crime? If thugs like this, rest assured you will be ahead of the police officer to 'arrest operation' thugs.
Guiding a reality television program titled Mata-Mata, owner of a unique name-Tiga Setia Gara- Faithful It's the eye could make at home for long staring at the television box. Although the title of celebrity, Tiga Setia Gara-so he used to be called-not only with elegance and beauty of the sandstone body only. As speaker, she is also capable of displaying true entertainer intelligence through speech he said that straightforward but spoiled. Who would have thought, this fun personality that he got from her hard street life. Only the willing Tiga POPULAR 'stripped' personal life, ranging from a bleak childhood, tattoos on her body, until her sexual fantasies a little naughty. One of the street children who managed to achieve this dream was remarkable!

Tiga Setia Gara

Tiga Setia Gara

Tiga Setia Gara

Tiga Setia Gara

As a host on the show whom specialized in the investigation, whether a tattoo on your body make you safe during the shooting?
Who says? I was often caned and fight with the target and those around him. The beating was not because I'm tattooed you know, it's just that I bring the risk of events only.

Never reply to blow it?
I refrain as much as possible, because I wanted to show that tattoos are not synonymous with violence and not part of the criminal. But sometimes the bait really. Her name is also human, hehehe ...

As a popular figure, would you ever experienced an unpleasant incident from the fans?
I've had funny incident. There was a client of my show never pretended to investigate his brother. After hours of investigating, finally discovered that she joined the show I just wanted to close the same. Precisely at this event that I was being chased.

Tiga Setia Gara

Tiga Setia Gara

Wow, does this mean he is so obsessed with you?
Yeah, she's really obsessed. To the extent that I'm from up photos taken, printed, and pasted on her bedroom wall. In fact, she 'shot' I got to bow down everything. When watching this episode, I felt embarrassed and silly.

Tiga Setia Gara

Tiga Setia Gara

What do you want to reflect through the tattoos?
I make a tattoo is not for mere fashion, but for the sake of satisfaction. Tattoos are mostly talked about what I experienced.

Means to live very hard dong till ye be expressed through a tattoo?
I was practically born of a broken home. I always passed here and there until finally live with my grandfather and must be familiar with the injustice.

Injustices such as what you mean?
I stayed with my cousins, all boys but they are more loved. I'm not so considered, when I was a girl. I also often yelled at and reprimanded. So, I'm up to now not like it if someone yelled. I'm already fed up with violence.

When did you begin to feel the freedom?
Precisely junior high school, when I returned to live with my father. From there I began to feel freedom and have many friends.

What are the effects of freedom?
I'm learning anything yourself and get a lesson from the street. Nothing is taught which is good and right because there are no parents who taught me. In fact, the decision not to reply to us was hit, I found myself because I know how sick when beaten.

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